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Keep your motivation moving while working from home

The ability to do this has become all the more important in 2020, as we are facing challenging times with the impact of Coronavirus or COVID-19 on work and social lives. With government advice being updated daily, employers and workers alike are being required to be more flexible to enable the vast majority of the workforce to work from home.

How to Onboard Remote Employees

The key to a successful onboarding plan is to set clear expectations and boundaries. Although many of us are just starting to fully embrace 100% remote work, those companies who have been doing this for a while always have their own set of values and policies. Make sure you are very transparent about yours when onboarding a new team member.

How COVID-19 is Changing Recruitment for the Better

While some industries such as tourism and hospitality are on a complete pause, others such as healthcare, retail, logistics, telecom are booming.  We at CTO Boost have been seeing an unprecedented influx of needs in these industries since everyone is getting everything delivered to their homes.

Building High Performing Tech Teams


Over the years, CTO Boost has worked with numerous Enterprises and Scale-ups in a fractional capacity to build out technology and product strategies.  We came back seeing a major trend:  So many teams had “rock star” developers and engineers but there were many issues, bugs and delays.  What was going wrong?