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Black Friday from Downtime to Security

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Black Friday is a critical day for retailers, with many sets to take in double if not triple their usual sales. However, this does place greater pressure on IT infrastructure to be able to deliver. With growing numbers of sales and spikes in traffic, some systems could run into downtime if organizations are not prepared. … Continued

What is the best database for hybrid cloud and why you should care

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The digital landscape is rapidly changing. In North America, approximately 89 percent of the population is online

The Rise of the Cloud (costs included)

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There’s been a large focus on enterprises moving to the cloud over the past few years. Competition between key players like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud has proven beneficial to consumers, economically, but now that everyone is on board, will the costs begin to rise? Recent studies say, yes.

Seven reasons your business needs cloud technology

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Converting to the cloud is one of the best decisions you can make for your business. When evaluating the differing opinions out there, keep in mind that companies are using cloud technology in different ways and their viewpoints are based on this.

Into the Cloud: The Benefits of Migrating to the Cloud

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When you have invested a significant amount of capital into on-premise solutions for your business, it can be difficult to think about changing your technological infrastructure by moving your workload into the cloud.

3 Ways to make regulatory compliance a strategic weapon

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Let’s face it, regulatory compliance is like the broccoli on a five-year-old’s dinner plate (that glaring thing you hate, but you’re forced to swallow).