She-TO Boost: Chloe

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For our 10th and final internal She-TO Boost post, we’re excited to present our Marketing Intern— Chloe. As our youngest team member, Chloe brings an exciting and positive energy to our Toronto office. She’s our social media guru, and she happily and effectively tackles each challenge that comes her way. She’s never seen without an iced coffee in hand, or a stylish, J.Crew inspired outfit. Once the summer is done, Chloe will be moving back to Kingston, Ontario for her second year of Commerce at Queens University.

If there was a such thing as a “typical day” in tech, what would it look like for you?

First things first, I get an iced coffee. When I get in to the office, I make a checklist of things that I need to do for the day, which usually includes making social media posts, writing blog posts, researching interesting topics, making graphics for social media, and syncing with my boss Mikayla about next steps. I love that I get to do something different every single day- I’m not one for a confining routine.

Were there any female role models you had growing up that inspired you to get into marketing?

My mom read every single Harry Potter book to me when I was very young, so Hermione Granger was always an inspiration from me. What was even more inspiring was that later, in the movies she was played by Emma Watson, an incredible actress and activist. I know that Hermione Granger isn’t in marketing, but she is an intelligent, natural leader while simultaneously being a caring, empathetic friend- all things I aspire to be.

Is this your first experience working in tech?

This is my first experience working at all – I just finished my first year of university.

What have been the biggest lessons you’ve learned working in tech?

Everyone says you don’t have to be a techie to work in tech… you kind of do though. Although I’m in marketing and do not have a technology background, I’ve learned that it’s important to be interested and learn the basics of tech in order to be engaged in your work. I’m very interested in UX and UI which is why I’ve been learning HTML and CSS as a starting point. I started reading tech news and following all the hashtags on Twitter to be able to write more relevant blog posts. While in the grand scheme of things I still know next to nothing, I’ve learned it’s beneficial for everyone to be tech literate.

If you had a time machine, where and when would you go?

The 80s. I grew up listening to 80s music and watching 80s movies.

Do you think that being female has impacted your role in tech?

I think the socialization of gender roles has an effect on everybody. Here, I have the privilege of working amongst talented, inclusive people so I don’t notice that type of thing. I do feel like being female affects the way people see me in my program at school, due to its competitive nature.

If you were an app, which one would you be?

I would be the Apple podcast app.

This blog post marks the completion of our She-TO Boost blog series, which focused on the breadth of strong, talented women that comprise the CTO Boost team. Although this blog series was initially intended to give readers an inside look at the experiences of women in tech at CTO Boost, we believe that She-TO Boost has the potential to reach a much larger audience, and share even more stories.

Although women account for nearly half of the country’s workforce, they only hold 20% of tech jobs according to a recent study. In fact, the number of women in tech peaked at 36 percent in 1991 and has steadily declined since. The tech industry has often been dubbed the “Old Boys Club” and at CTO Boost — we’re ready to change that. As a company with a workforce that is almost entirely female, we recognize and value the role that women play in the advancement of tech. 

Going forward, we will be continuing our She-TO Boost blog series. However, rather than exclusively focusing on women at CTO Boost, we will be sharing the stories and experiences of women in tech across the province. We’re committed to making the tech industry more inclusive: one story at a time.