She-TO Boost: Ali, Project Coordinator

For our third instalment of She-To Boost, we’re ecstatic to be giving you an inside look at Ali — CTO Boost’s Project Coordinator! A year ago today, Ali came to CTO Boost as an Executive Assistant but quickly moved into her current role as Project Coordinator. Armed with beautifully crafted flashcards and her healing crystals, Ali fills our office with an unmatchable amount of organization, positivity, and passion. She’s also the first person in the office to lend a helping hand to someone in need, or to offer up a quick lesson on yoga and all things spirituality. When Ali isn’t at the office growing her knowledge of project management, you can find her belting out a song at a pub, or constructing a piece of jewellery out of recyclables.

What inspired you to get into tech? 

I was inspired to get into tech based on all of the amazing things that we’re able to do to help people through technological development. BitCoin is allowing women in developing countries the ability to earn a living that is secured to them and can’t be taken away by dominating counterparts; information and entrepreneurship are more widely accessible to everyone around the world; and transparency is becoming a best practice of businesses across all sectors because there is a data trail that can no longer be hidden.  

If there was such a thing as a “typical day” in tech, what would it look like for you? 

Checking my calendar the night before or on my way into work to prepare myself for my day, checking emails, client calls/meetings, and checking in with my team to ensure that we’re on track for deliverables and that they don’t have any blockers to reaching our deadlines. 

Depending on the day, I also need to plan the upcoming sprints and make sure that we have all requirements for the upcoming features. This means backlog grooming, pre-sprint planning, requirements gathering, sprint planning, estimating, and executing.  

What direction do you think the tech industry should go in? 

Tech should continue down the path of equal opportunity and open sourced, transparent, exchange. Tech should enable everyone to learn, grow, and teach together; giving everyone the opportunity to contribute and grow.  

When you’re not project coordinating what do you enjoy doing? 

I spend a lot of time reading, meditating, doing yoga, and studying/contemplating the universe and what it means to be a human being; rather than a human becoming.  

If you were an app, which one would you be? 

Calm or Gaia.

Do you think that being female has impacted your role in tech? 

I think being a female has affected the way people talk to me. When I’m speaking with a client, they question my methods a lot more than they do if a male counterpart is on the phone with me as well (although, I am learning to own the conversation and gain the respect of my male colleagues).  

If you had a time machine, where and when would you go? 

I would go back to 3,001 BC to learn the universal cosmic understanding necessary to build Stonehenge. The lost knowledge of this time is so intriguing to me.  

Have you noticed a difference between your past experiences and being in a female dominated company today? 

I’ve worked in many spaces where I experience discrimination and harassment for being a female. I was spoken down to and made to feel that my role was not important and that I was only there to support my male counterparts.  

Working in an environment that is supportive and empowering, has helped me to redefine what I can provide to the world, what I have to offer.