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CTO Boost is looking for our next Senior Software Architect! This person will take on all aspects of our projects in a technical and leadership level, so we are looking for someone who has great interpersonal skills for growing the team and talking with clients. Please see the responsibilities and qualifications below, we look forward to hearing from you! Qualifications: - Experience with Azure and maintaining an Azure subscription, including but not limited to provisioning, migrations, deployments. - Experience with Azure Devops and setting up CI/CD pipelines - Experience programming in multiple languages including but not limited to C#, Javascript, SQL, python - A solid understanding of algorithms, data structures and design patterns as it relates to machine learning. - Excellent interpersonal and communication skills. - At least 5 years experience of software development in a professional capacity

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Responsibilities: - Solid understanding of design approaches and challenges across all layers of the stack including data storage, back-end, middleware, and application tiers. Strong background in designing server-side architecture for scale, availability, performance, security, and agility - Must have strong communication skills to articulate vision/strategy and get buy-in, using language and detail appropriate for the audience - Broad understanding of competing technologies and their relative strengths and weakness; and be able to select right ones for our needs - Good understanding of latest technology trends - Passion and ability to quickly pick up expertise on new technologies - Should have strong leadership and interpersonal skills to take team along and convert architecture vision into reality. - Ability to adjust to change and rapid pace of development - Ability to see big picture and keep eye on long-term goals and direction, while taking care of short-term needs - Excellent problem-solving skills with the ability to translate requirements into a technical design, but within the constraints of the current platform or legacy systems - Ability to manage a development team, and provide technical support/mentorship, as well as handling technical interviews with potential engineering candidates. - Thorough understanding of and experience with software development methodologies including design, development and testing in an agile environment. - Ability to prioritize and manage work for critical project timelines in a fast-paced environment. - Excellent work ethic and strong sense of ownership of the end result.