Innovation Lab: Retail

From grocery delivery applications to cashierless supermarkets – grocery shopping is evolving quicker than ever. Shoppers are now expecting fresher, faster, and more personalized shopping experiences while retailers are learning how to deliver on these expectations – or face the same fate as video rental stores.

One of Canada’s top grocers engaged CTO Boost to build an Innovation Lab to empower their transformation into a more modern, data-driven experience. An experience that will leverage the best of digital innovation while still delivering on what their customers value most: a personal touch.

We started by forming a collaborative group of innovation champions from the organization, and together, we brought forward the opportunities with highest potential to deliver on their innovation strategy.

Together, we were able to formulate, iterate, and build prototypes of enhanced experiences – until we were ready to go to market with customer-ready products.

Since then, we have created new, impactful, and more personal experiences for shoppers while enabling the grocer to better understand and engage their clients. Further, we have built a roadmap that enables them to connect with their customers more and more, so that they can continue delivering better and better experiences going forward.

Now, we continue on this journey of transformation together, and strive to deliver the best and most personal experiences for our hungry shoppers.