Technical Due Diligence

The Situation:

Company 1 and Company 2 are leading software product companies, each operating as a stand-alone entity. They were integrated post-acquisition to provide a best-of-breed solution to customers by leveraging the best in each company. Each company had a solid product that accomplished many of the same business goals and learnings from years of experience in the industry. The challenge
was that the teams had different development models and toolsets that needed to be consolidated for consistency, on-boarding, and cost savings.


  • Technical due diligence: identified risks and value creation opportunities for each company with an initial plan for integrating the two entities together.
  • Engineering optimization: After a thorough assessment, we created an improvement plan for the integrated company and recommended an agile process going forward.
  • Integration/consolidation plan: A plan to integrate the engineering teams

How we did it:

  • On-site visit to each company, building rapport with the team, interviewing leaders, and delving down into development details
  • A detailed analysis and post-acquisition report for each company
  • A plan for tools consolidation and transforming the team to an Agile development

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