The many roles of a Startup CTO:

Building the MVP (Minimum Viable Product):  Most people who want a technical co-founder probably to want someone to do this. Creating the first iteration of a Startup’s product usually falls to the CTO, and that makes a lot of corporate CTO’s really bad for the job. Big company CTO’s are usually 2 or 3 levels of management away from day-to-day … Continued

Data Graph

The Graph Advantage

You’ve heard it before; the volume of data we generate and collect grows exponentially as you read this. This incredible influx of data has powered the major advances in AI and Big Data the past decade. It will continue to be the foundation of innovation as we move into the next decade. In the digital age, companies of every … Continued

The best Algorithms for Banks

The best recommendation engine for banks

The Human Touch While we speak a lot about technology, we want to underscore that sometimes the human touch is still more valuable and remains a competitive advantage. Of course, one day a recommendation engine will be better than a human, but not yet. The process of recommending products is an opportunity for dialogue. While … Continued

Personalization Engine

5 Things Every Personalization Engine Must Have, and why you need to think about A.I before its too late.

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When the term “personalization” was originally coined, it referred to the ability to tailor digital content and experiences, based on the expected behavior of groups. At best, marketers and merchandisers chose those shopper cohorts based mostly on demographic data, with some light behavioral analysis.This “old school” personalization treated you the same way as it treated … Continued

6 essential Data Cleansing techniques every company should follow to avoid Rogue Data

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Clean data leads to several business benefits. You will remove major errors and inconsistencies that are inevitable when multiple sources of data are getting pulled into one dataset. Here are a few things you can look forward to after a good data cleansing: Using tools to cleanse your data will increase efficiencies since your team … Continued