The Big Data Goldmine

If you’ve been anywhere but under a rock over the past ten years, you’ve likely heard the term Big Data. But what is it really and why should you care? In short, Big Data is arguably the most crucial and misunderstood factor informing (or misinforming) your business. Ignore it and your business could die. Misuse […]

Why it’s Important to Invest in Young Talent

Landing that first job is one of the most difficult challenges a young student or graduate can face. Even with co-ops and internships becoming more widely available, the reality is that in this competitive market, most students just cannot land the jobs in the fields that they’re interested in – no matter how smart, capable […]

Wide vs Narrow Partitions on Datastax

  • September 21, 2018
  • Data

Every so often, the question of wide vs narrow partitions come up.  Typically someone has read that wide partitions can be a problem for performance.  Occasionally it goes so far as to trip up the data modeling process as the analyst tries to create a performant data model but is afraid that the partitions on […]