Avoiding Death by Amazon: Big Data and AI Toronto Conference

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Last week, CTO Boost attended the Big Data and AI Toronto Conference at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. The 2-day conference drew in 5,000 attendees and featured more than 150 speakers and 90 exhibiting brands — including CTO Boost. 

While the conference showcased a range of different use cases, industry advancements, and keynote speakers, the overarching theme of the conference focused on solving data-driven business challenges and navigating the latest big data tools. 

On both June 12th and 13th, CTO Boost had an exhibition set up in the expo hall. During this time, we had the privilege of speaking with hundreds of industry experts, and sharing the work that we do, including compliance, data and cloud management, recommendation engines, and customer 360. 

We also had the opportunity to share our expertise on a much larger platform during CTO Boost’s keynote presentation, which drew in a couple hundred attendees. 

Keith Loo, CRO, gave the keynote speech titled “Think like a CTO: Using Big Data to Solve Big Problems,” on June 13th at 1:45 on the main stage. Keith posed the following question to the crowd: “What keeps most enterprise leaders up at night?” The answer? Death by Amazon

Unlike many of their competitors, Amazon has consistently and effectively managed and utilized customer data for an improved customer experience. Amazon disrupts virtually every industry that it enters, forcing industry leaders to reshape their data strategy and customer experience — or face extinction. 

In the keynote, Keith outlined the ways in which companies can transform rapidly, remain agile, and deliver with enterprise rigour. To solidify the validity of his claims, he drew on a number of relevant use cases. Below is a brief overview of his suggestions: 

  • Identify your use cases
  • Identify your data and categorize it
  • Design a flexible data model
  • Certify the data model by asking questions
  • Iterate
  • Map security and compliance 
  • Get it out there: give people access
  • Deploy
  • Grow the use case 
  • Enterprise Integration 

CTO Boost had a great time at Big Data and AI Toronto Conference. We’re always excited to share our expertise, and to learn and collaborate with others in the industry. 

If you’re interested in learning about how CTO Boost can transform your business with data driven solutions, or if you’d like to receive an outline of Keith Loo’s presentation — send us an email at info@ctoboost.com