Month: July 2020

Learnings from Unicorn Status Tech Pivots


As COVID-19 forces many in the tech community to take a second look at their product or service, we’ve had the opportunity to work with great companies in readjusting product roadmaps and come up with the perfect pivot.

Historically, there have been some incredible tech pivot stories which, along with 3 key areas of focus have propelled themselves into…

How Employers Can Provide Support Through Racial Diversity

The technology industry is notorious for having an unbalanced gender ratio and this is something that we have supported many of our clients through as we help build out their technical teams.  Furthermore, we can all agree that recent actions in the US have caused us to step back and reflect.

Doomscrolling and Employee Mental Health

Doomscrolling is what we go through when we are in an internet rabbit hole of negative news.  Humans are naturally wired to look for risks and without the same level of social interaction we’re accustomed to, it can be very difficult to pull yourself out of the negativity.