Month: December 2019

Difficulties Transitioning to a Hybrid Cloud

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The cloud, the pay-per-use model that enables businesses to pay only for what they use, while providing flexibility, cost savings, performance and the scalability they need. If your company has yet to transition to and is considering a hybrid cloud environment, here are some complexities that may be helpful for you to consider. Integration Integrating … Continued

Synthetic Identities affecting KYC/CDD Compliance Costs


What is a synthetic identity? Synthetic identity is categorized as an identity that has been made up. It combines both real and fake ID information to create a “new” identity. This type of fraud is only growing. KYC teams are faced with real names, locations, and dates of births combined with fake government identifiers, making … Continued

Improving Customer Experience with Big and Small Data

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Delivering on customer experience should be a business’s top priority. To do that though companies need to understand their customers. While almost every company will claim to have a customer experience strategy in place, how many of those strategies are actually effective? Despite access to the large amounts of customer data, only a very small … Continued