Month: November 2019

Black Friday from Downtime to Security

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Black Friday is a critical day for retailers, with many sets to take in double if not triple their usual sales. However, this does place greater pressure on IT infrastructure to be able to deliver. With growing numbers of sales and spikes in traffic, some systems could run into downtime if organizations are not prepared. … Continued

Data cleansing activities companies must perform

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Clean data leads to several business benefits. You will remove major errors and inconsistencies that are inevitable when multiple sources of data are getting pulled into one dataset. Here are a few things you can look forward to after a good data cleansing: Using tools to cleanse your data will increase efficiencies since your team … Continued

5 Things Your Personalization Engine Must Have

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When the term “personalization” was originally coined, it referred to the ability to tailor digital content and experiences, based on the expected behavior of groups. At best, marketers and merchandisers chose those shopper cohorts based mostly on demographic data, with some light behavioral analysis. This “old school” personalization treated you the same way as it … Continued

Big Data and Fraud Detection

Online payment fraud is a growing issue in our digital world. Businesses lose billions per year because of online payment fraud. It’s important to strike a perfect balance. Taking the appropriate measures to combat fraud, while minimizing friction for users. This is where fraud detection and prevention systems come in, taking large amounts of data, … Continued

AI-Driven Banking

The banking industry is paving the way in AI adoption. Utilizing AI to its fullest potential to maximize its use on all forefronts; automated threat intelligence, fraud analysis, prevention methods, and more. AI in banking is already common practice but only continues to grow as more companies are adopting it into their organization and investing … Continued

Leveraging Big Data in HR

The world is becoming more data-driven as companies recognize the value big data holds in finding key trends and patterns that allow for impactful decision making. Human Resource is one area starting to realize the massive competitive advantage that big data analytics can provide in order to identify top performers, improve retention rates and keep … Continued

Why Data Visualization Is Must

Data visualization is the tool that is pushing the business force, providing information to drive impactful decision making. It’s more than just charts and graphs. Data visualization has become a way of communication, making data digestible as well as impactful; filtering out noise while providing a narrative on critical points. Data visualization is leading the … Continued

Microsoft is winning the cloud war, how it better for startups?

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The benefits offered by the Azure are always unique and business-centered. Here are some of the features of Azure which will help not only reduce the efforts of data management but also increase your productivity 1. Apps management: IaaS benefits the organization to build, deploy, and manage the apps quickly and easily. An organization can … Continued